This collection of presentations from Micha Abeles serves as a catch-all for patients and health seekers alike to find additional information about their health concerning rheumatic diseases.


As a rheumatologist based in Connecticut, Micha Abeles frequently gets asked about various diseases like arthritis and gout and how to handle them effectively. Although Micha is more than happy to provide his patients with a wealth of information and his exceptional service, he also wants to spread the word about these diseases to the general public. Therefore, Micha created a handful of educational presentations that were uploaded to his websites like Slideshare. They are being syndicated here, where all information about rheumatic diseases can be found in one place.

From knowing when to spot the symptoms of arthritis to encouraging good health habits through regular exercise, Micha Abeles only wants the best for his patients — as well as the general public who suffer from rheumatic diseases.