Obesity can play a significant role in the effects of joint pain and arthritis in a person’s body. Just a few extra pounds has been proven to raise the risk of getting persistent joint pain or developing many forms of arthritis in joints. Thankfully, there are many things a person can do to lower their risk of developing arthritis or preventing the disease from getting worse through a safe diet and exercise regimen.

How It Affects The Body

Having extra weight puts a lot more strain on the body; it can change how your body functions and feels. The extra pounds in some areas can result in many problems such as arthritis and other joint issues. In time, the strain from the extra weight can cause wear and tear on your joints. In extreme cases, the wear and tear can get so bad that body parts such as knees and hips will need to get replaced.

Obesity Epidemic

Many doctors see a rise in the number of arthritis cases around the country because of the increase in obesity. Many years of being overweight can cause irreversible joint damage. In 1971, the amount of arthritis produced from obesity was around three percent. By the year 2002, the number of arthritis cases that resulting from obesity went up to eighteen percent. People who are obese were at a higher risk of developing arthritis by as much as sixty percent compared those who maintain healthy weights.

Age Factor

While obesity remains a massive factor for causing arthritis, age can also be a factor — this is especially true for osteoarthritis. However, when combining age and obesity, the risk factors for getting one of the many forms of arthritis skyrockets. Just as easy as carrying a few extra pounds adds more strain and damage to joints, dropping just a few extra pounds can quickly lessen that strain. Losing weight can significantly reduce the risk of getting arthritis.

Effects Of Obesity On Exercise

Sticking with a healthy diet and exercise program can help people lose those few pounds that can ultimately lessen the strain on the joints. However, many of those efforts, especially exercise, can come at a price if not done carefully. If someone is overweight and does too much exercise, it can actually raise the risk of putting wear and tear on the body’s joints.