The coronavirus, also referred to as COVID-19, has swept the world into a pandemic. There is panic worldwide as people are being ordered to stay inside to not spread or contract the virus. As the virus spreads at a rapid pace, many Americans have begun to fear the worse and are looking for answers. As citizens look to President Donald Trump, they are not getting the answers to the information they need.

Although the death count around the world and in the United States has risen within the last week, Trump continues to reassure that all will be well. When discussing the virus, the main focus is on the financial markets. To make matters worse, the appointment of Vice President Mike Pence to be in charge of all federal efforts means that all information from the federal government on the pandemic will be evaluated and vetted by Pence.

This does nothing to soothe the fears and anxieties of the public over the virus. People need clear, creditable, and informative answers based on facts about what is going to happen to the country because of this pandemic. In order for citizens to take this seriously and to avoid national panic, Trump needs to have a better handle on how the coronavirus information is delivered to the public.

In order to do this, Trump must recognize that the Vice President is not a credible authority to vet and lead this healthcare mission. A politician is not the correct leader in this pandemic and not a creditable person to deliver information. The public needs factual information from scientists and doctors the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), US Public Health Service, and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

As the coronavirus shows no signs of slowing down, this is not the time for politics. This is the time that the citizens need credible information from someone who knows what they are talking about. Without this, false information spreads and the pandemic becomes even more deadly.